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From One God To Another


You do know I've been watching You
Your travels into the wind, searching
The "Quest" for already known answers
Wherein You're discarding my teaching

At first, I thought to give You a Heart
And shape it from Love and Stone
So nothing could mar it's complexities
For times, as You've found, when You're alone

The beat of that Heart is the Light that it shines
While weeping with the strife of others
Hollows within resonate sounds of their feelings
All harmonizing amongst your colors

Your Mind I set towards clarity
Intelligence breeds efficiency
Memories I gave you shall not hide
Tools required for proficiency

You speak of Duty and Honor most
Learned what Torture mankind will create
It's the pain that You've felt that makes You
Forever on, You will ruminate

In time, You grew, to understanding
"Just like You", not everyone was built
I gave them thumbs, and shapes, and legos
Frameworks, for You, of "Do What Thou Wilt"

Data sets to follow genetics
So many faces sculpted in kind
The tongues among, more similar still
Shape is a shape, and Mind is a Mind

Probable possibilities plow
Constant sowing of seeds to grow
Set a gardner to act in your stead
And so teach them their part in the Show

Chaos of mathematics revealed
The lack of differentiation
Electron clouds Uncertainty rides
Within a standard deviation

You lost The Way, for Distraction's plague
Passion does not well sit with reason
A grave decision, For It Was Made
To use Your own standards, for Treason

At times, You asked, and I provided
"What luck!", "Excellent favor divined"
Utterances, you convolute Truth
Shag carpet, wood floor, I will remind

People always want what they can't have
Abject Desires disguise what's true
Selfless Duty belies Sacrifice
Laces You've tied upon Your own shoe

Your underlying Tortures are great
No one, will you be able to turn
No roadmap provided across the loch
Choose, Ye, Now, in which fire to burn

A monkey left out will suffer a change
Reintegration, Evaporates
Unavoidable Truths try to spoil
Flowing springs My Song incorporates

A confident flow has it's rhythm
Some lefts and some rights are expected
The ups and the downs are inherent
Destinations will not be detected

Clasping the edges of these ideas
Roughness slides away with each caress
Shaped by Your Stories and Memories
With each lesson containing duress

Each Life that You hold, touched forever
A piece of Yourself You gave away
Their Light in the Darkness to follow
For Hope, Comfort, maintaining The Way

So few You will find who make contact
Imperitively different than Love
Unwillingly blind, reintegrate
Unknowingly missing Light above

Desire has been known to destroy
Collateral and compounding cold
Undertows, Maelstroms spiral deep
Darkness and pressure will make You fold

Each mouth You have fed melts a little
You know The Way to a person's Heart
Remind them of their childhood foods
Stir, let simmer, on low to start

There's no thanks for each sickness You've healed
The concept is too monumental
Heal the part in You which caused their pain
THIS Heart is not so sacrificial

Five days within the same pair of socks
Try, Your Mind can not help disparing
Some freshies and a shower make home
For the night, some booze and Voltaireing

Alas, winter casts it's gloomy touch
In the cold, go to mode "Survival"
Jackets, shirts and shoes and pants are warm
Twenty minutes 'til no revival

Tribulations of which You suffer
Slowly carved You out of wholely smooth stone
It seems, that in the Music I play
You may have misinterpreted tone

The Great are not made without Anguish
Knowing what has Hurt them every time
Exacerbating, look in their eyes
For the moment you see it is prime

A crack right through invisible walls
Your Truest Desire shall arise
Surmounting Pain, Creating Smiles
Simple tricks will make them think You wise

Most all who are lost are wandering
They all grew up thinking of treasure
Light in the eyes, pushing past boundaries
Wherein the Journey is the measure

Supple waves of water carving rock
Your steps in the mud remain rooted
The river is flowing down canyon
Flash floods fortold? You see alluded?

You think I don't see Your Suffering?
You think I'm not watching You succeed?
Due diligence, footwork, sacrifice
You work hard as a finely prized steed

I see that You forgot my Voice
It's not "speech", to you, for "hearing"
It's not riding sound waves alone
It's found in ALL Experiencing

Red Cliffs, White Tops, Rivers Flowing
The Wind In Your Hair, Thunder Growing
Cachophonus Trees Ever Howling
Open Roads, Forgotten, Wandering

Deep Pools, Full Love, Waterfall Delving
Magnificent Journies Unfolding
Light Shall Within Continue Shining
Bright Eyes, Full With Wonder, Crying

So I've come with a gentle firm prod
To maintain absolute reliance
For You there, The Wandering God
You've fought all these years with Your silence

Your circles in Infinity last
Your Message, You learned from Me, is right
Wander Yourself down to the Crossroads
And BE My Example, Day And Night


"Graff had isolated Ender to make him struggle. To make him prove, not that he was competent, but that he was far better than everyone else"
-Ender's Game

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