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Mushroom Recipes

Lady Di's Discreet Mushroom Sesame Balls

Dried, finely ground mushrooms of your choice
Double that volume (not weight!) of the best whole sesame seeds
Fine honey
Dash of salt

Toast the sesame seeds lightly in a dry cast iron frying pan on medium high setting, stirring heartily. When they start popping and smelling great, that's enough. Pour them into a bowl and let them cool. Set a small handful aside, then whiz the rest in a blender until there's only about 30% whole seeds visible. Add mushrooms, whiz again. (For additional Ch'i, you can do all this whizzing in a suribachi.) Pour into bowl, add small amount of salt and enough honey to attain clay-like consistency. Roll into one-inch balls, licking hands frequently. Roll balls in whole sesame seeds, store in tightly sealed container in cool place. Take anywhere. Guard against unsuspecting refrigirator raiders.

Mushrooms Forever

Coarsely chop dried (or fresh, I imagine) mushrooms and loosely pack into some beautiful little jar which is shallow enough that you can reach its bottom with your finger. Add honey to fill all spaces. Hide in a dark, cool place and try to forget about it for a month or two. Eat by fingerful for brightened colors, elevated humor, musical enhancement, new friends and so on. When you finish a bag, add the crumbs to your mushroom honey jar. Occasionally replenish it with mushrooms and top off with honey.

Mushroom Pizza

by D. Moss

I was wondering whether mushrooms could be baked on a pizza and stillprovide effects.

So, I went out west and picked some (there is some abundance in SouthFlorida). Then, when I went to work that evening (I was amanager at thelocal Pizza Hut), I baked an extra cheese, double mushroom (1/2 and 1/2),and onion pizza (pan crust).

Not only did it taste great, but I found the buttons on the cash register changing places. So, I did the only thing any person would---close up shop early.

It definitely beats the bitten routine of making tea and eating sludge.

Mushroom Tabuli

by D. Johnston

This sort of reminds me of my first Dead show. A friend of minefrom Toronto put 1/2 oz of 'shrooms into a taboule (sp?) salad a daybefore crossing the border to Buffalo. By the time we got to the border,the 'shrooms had swelled up and just looked like... well, mushrooms.

So we all pigged out on the floor in Rich stadium before the show.They worked just fine!

I think the only factor to consider is the full stomach/emptystomach thing that's a factor in any drug eating. If you eat six piecesof pizza, with a certain ammount of mushrooms, you'll take longer to get offthan with only 1 piece of pizza.

Mushrooms with Peanut Butter

by Anonymous

I don't like the taste of psilocybin mushrooms, but I've found that ifI mix them with peanut butter or make a chunky peanut butter sandwichwith them, I find the flavors mix well and it tastes good. SeriousThumbs-Up on the peanut butter route with plenty of liquids towash em down. Some people get queasy with mushrooms and the peanutbutter can make them longer to come on than tea, but it can be a greatway to go.

Chocolate Dipped Mushrooms

suggested by ClayR

Using dried mushrooms, melt chocolate chips carefully in a double boiler or over very low heat.Its very easy to burn chocolate when heating on a stovetop, which makes it taste off and dries itout so its hard to dip. Once the chocolate is liquid, simply dip the mushrooms into the chocolateusing tongs and place on wax paper until cool. Enjoy.

Be aware that not all chocolate resolidifies well after heating, but most chocolate chips have additives which help them resolidify nicely. Chocolate stores better over long periods of timein the freezer inside air tight containers. When transporting, frozen chocolates will melt lessquickly, so keep them cool. Well made chocolates are also an excellent disguise.

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