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Solid in Foundation

Even though ideals may seem unattainable, the struggle to attain them and dedication to that struggle create the Journey that is more important than the destination. The character that the Journey builds is second to none!

Beginning with the most insurmountable odds, the conscious decision to walk this path becomes both a gift and a curse...only told at a later time. At first, the difficulties build around standards...usually with "whose" standards to follow. There are so many standards out there. Religious Rights, Schools of thought. While most are concerning themselves with the "right" standards...very few actually progress far enough through the strife and torture to come to the most important realization...that it does not matter "whose" standards you follow...as long as you decide what standards to commit to...and I don't use the term "commit" lightly. Dedication to your standards, whatever they may be...along with enough integrity to remain honest with yourself about them becomes the first and most lasting impression. All who notice will never forget that you are someone both honest and trustworthy...as the strength of your character grows.

Soon, you begin to loose that feeling, that intense desire to know who is saying what about you...because you will begin to understand what is being said.

As long as you remain steadfast and committed to your standards, all that will be spoken of are your standards...and those experiences that they have touched.

Shining like a beacon of hope...that society can't be all that bad...that humanity CAN achieve something so solidly rooted in reality.

The Journey...and what a journey it becomes...drawing the strangest of characters together to socialize and share in the collective experience of each other.

As the Ego begins to take a backseat and the true image of the self becomes clear, then that image becomes saturated with lore...stori3es, experiences and inspirations...from one friend to another's, to the stranger at the bus stop...the image will be seen far before any words are ever spoken. Radiating like an aura around the individual, this picturesque view of what we all can be, becomes the motivation and inspiration for countless numbers of people...some without ever even meeting you. Just that image to go by...almost as if divinely favored, but by the will of the image, as it begins to develop it's own identity, spread by the words of those whom it has touched. Words like "honest" and "comfortable" become the norm...along with "friendly" and "loving."

These words though...these ideals that carry such weight...become the next obstacle that you must meet. Will you stand behind them 100%? Is your commitment to things like truth, love and courage enough? By now, if there is any question, it usually only matters to those watching, as you have already noticed the perks...and quite possibly the drawbacks as well.

By now, some of the lesser known occurrences begin to show. The razor thin edge that you must walk, between good and evil...and how the Journey becomes marked well with injustices that must be suffered if you are ever to learn these lessons well enough to pass on to others...hopefully.

then...only then...will you see what a solitary path the Journey has become as the commitment begins to be tested by those whom you love...those who call you friend...those who call you family...and because in your dedication to these ideals you will most likely leave your share of both behind...in favor of allowing the ideals and the image of self to continue growing...becoming more with each new experience.

At this juncture, most will be approaching the point where they rededicate themselves to that which has driven them for years...those ideals.

As the solitary nature of this Journey sets in and is accepted by the traveler. Once time ceases to loom far out ahead of you, bringing with it visions of the future that will be unavoidable, and you begin to live in the moment...with yourself...and those around you...will the price not seem so steep...but tolerable in the light of what and who you are.

Don't ever think for a second...that the Journey has an end...but only another beginning...as the Journey stretches out in front of you...ceaselessly leading you into the heart of your moment...and what you did with it.

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