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Don't you just love being you?

I figured out the final key. Well, maybe it's the first, and the key to any kind of advance development of the consciousness. It's what separates those who are on the path from those who are not. Whole books have been written about this subject, and even Robert Anton Wilson spoke of it in his book, Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati. Love.

I was at my house in Pensacola, FL one time, and my friend Tater was staying with me. He looked over at me, while sitting in between two fine girls, and with a smile on his face and stars in his eyes, he exclaimed, "I LOVE being me!" I got up and walked across the front room, and high fived him and yelled, "Me too. I love being me!"

Lately I have been staying with people who's central problem has always ended up being the fact that they can't or will not love themselves. It is a simple task, but it carries the heaviest weight! I find myself saying all the time to people, never to fall in love, because there is no easy way out. On a psychological level, it may have to do with times in their life when they have been denied the love that they were seeking, and went through that most horrible of experience, a broken heart. Loving yourself means loving your mistakes, your nuances and your all your faults, as they are part of what makes up the entire you!

As far as the level of consciousness is concerned, it's very simple. If you can not learn to love yourself, then you will not ever be able to continue down the path towards enlightenment, as you don't love yourself enough to have the standards and principles required to push yourself to perfection. Again, I use perfection as meaning complete, not flawless. A persons faults help to define who they are just as much as their desired traits. The funniest part though is how most people are fooled into acting contrary.

As an acceptable part of behavioral psychology, there is no doubting the fact that people are taught to separate themselves from their faults. On and on into their lives they go discarding all their mistakes, faux pas', and flaws, as if they were not a part of who they were. Proclaim the good, deny the bad. Remove the evil from your body. Even in the bible, it says, "If your right eye cause you to sin, pluck it out, for it is much better to go without a member than to have sin in your body." Always in that mode of "flawlessly" perfecting and removing the evil from the body. Unfortunately, there is this thing that gets involved. In this form of existence, we are attached, spacialy as well as by time.

In the human struggle for freedom from these evils, and with the persistent search for meaning to a human "life", we have become obsessed with the eternal battle for good and evil. Being a Taoist, I see things from a whole different light. I see the mistakes having more value than the sucesses in my life. They might not accomplish as much, but they teach me a whole lot. In my love for myself, I push myself to learn as much as I possibly can. I thought to myself one day, "If I am eventually going to be part of, if not god, can't I go back in time and give myself a push in the right direction?" I wanted to be able to pack as much value into each day as possible. Lately here, I have been on 20 hour days for such purposes...and I love doing it!

Have you ever fallen in love? Truely you have heard the voice of god. Now, how do you love yourself?

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