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Archetypes: Those who Shine

I exist in every generation. I am seen in every life. I am among those timeless beings whose burden chosen in each life is to teach and guide those who shine. Some people shine like candles. Small flickering illumination. Some people shine like torches. Greater flickering illumination. Some people shine like spotlights. Intensely focused in one direction. Then there are those who shine like stars! I am the personification of that light. I am an avatar of Love. I have been given the gift of knowledge, and I want to share it with you!

I have no doubt that there have been those you have met that absolutely capture your gaze. On one end, it's like some type of chemistry, though often it is much more than that. The charisma and presence of these individuals is incredibly intoxicating. For most of the people who experience this encounter, the first reaction is almost instantaneous love, though it most always leads to an uneasy or fearfull feeling. Strangely comfortable, yet vulnerable. At the least a shocking or unsettling experience, considering how long your "defenses" have been built up, and then how strangely it is as if there were no walls at all. For those with open hearts and minds, the experience following is always unforgettable. It always leads to a feeling of "being in the light," of which you never want to leave, and when you do…you miss it deeply, with your entire heart.

These, whom you incessantly want to be around are those who shine. To break it down into terms everyone can relate to, I call these souls Angelic, as they seem to be sent from heaven. They fit into this Archetype, and are quite the same in every incarnation. Full of love to the point that they can not contain it themselves, and must share it will all those around them. Because of this angelic nature though, these eloquent beings are often separated from the rest of the world. Not out of necessity, but out of habit. Unfortunately, in today's culture, we fear those of purity and love. For most of society, this is a necessity, as these incredible people force us to look at ourselves and see the magnificent scope of the distance between who we think we are and who we really are.

When two people are talking, there are actually six people present. Each as they see the other, each as they see themselves, and each as they really are. For those who shine, there is no difference in these three. They are who they are, always. This comes from a surprising place though. These people never have anything to hide, and most importantly, they work very hard to be who they are. This inspires a pride in who they have become, and a confidence and faith in their abilities. This strength of will and character is quite near, if not encompassing what we like to term "idealistic." The hardships they endure because of this idealistic behavior would make most average people succumb to the pressures and outright tourtures of life, though it is this pain which becomes their motivation, inspiration and incentive. To be able to help one person stop feeling their pain, even for a little while, is all that keeps these people going. Through the experience of some of the greatest pains and sorrows imaginable, these people learn that they would not wish any pain on any person. This is why they work so hard to be who they are, and why they are able to help heal any wound, emotional, psychological or physical. Through all their wisdom, they learn the most effective tool for healing is love and laughter.

One of the driving forces behind those who shine is the inability to let people around them suffer. They can tell when your down, irritated or hurt. This is because they can feel your heart hurt, and it hurts them just as much. There is always room for a good laugh though. Passing on this divine gift, and seeing the weight lift off their eyes, through the labor of love, is one of the most invigorating and satisfying experiences that I have ever had the pleasure of having. The smile on their face and the light in their eyes is all I need to motivate me to continue helping people.

For the record though, while this is a very satisfying life, it is filled with extremely harsh lessons and trials that are endured with the knowledge that we will always come out ok. For me, as a Taoist, I know my path. I will always be "OK." I might not know where I am going, but damn it, I am going to get there! With that drive, and that knowledge, I am able to share this light with many people. At least with those who want to share it with me. Once anyone experiences this light, it inspires them, and drives them, and together we can then better ourselves, to become more than we are.

There is a downside to this though. It becomes a very solitary path that must be journeyed alone. The incredible distance it places between the normal everyday person and those who shine becomes all but impassable. Not to say that there are those out there who could not make the journey, but that their journey becomes so personalized as to add increased distance between two of the same path. It also comes, I think, from the necessity of each of us to keep our own suffering to ourselves, as it belongs to no one else. This separation is almost always self identified, and tends to follow along these lines far into the path of each individual. Eventually it is realized that out of the desire for less pain and suffering, this path must be solitary. This is to focus upon the self and the value of every second of their lives. Otherwise, overlooking the lessons being taught, and consequently experiencing more pain. All an issue of expectations, as the less expectations that you have, the less disappointments there are.

This quest at times turns into an all encompassing cuase with a drive that would kill a horse from standing up too long. Yet with all the trials that we suffer, and all the pain we experience, it creates a wonder and a value for all those special moments, as they are all infinitely more pleasurable because of that suffering.

The pain in life is measured by how happy you've been. I have been beyond this point in existence before. I have been in the light. Been part of it. That is why I try to share it with everybody, because the love and the beauty is so intense. I feel like being alive is a prison, and that I must serve my time, and perform my community service before I am released. Every moment my eyes are open is painful for me, and that is why I choose to continue shining. Because no one deserves to suffer of feel pain. I have felt the most intense pains that one can feel, as the worst tourture that a man can get is that which he gives himself.


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