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09 - The Master Key of Reality

All throughout history, people have been trying to write reality down on paper. Trying to give shape and form to this phenomenon that we perceive. it has been given many names, various shapes and sizes and many levels of complexity. To some, it is given the form of two cones spinning and interacting along an axis. To others, it can be quantified by a 57 dimensional hyper-tetrahedron. Whatever the case may be, each of these variations are complete according to the understanding of the individual who created them. They are representations of their experience and observations over the years. While they may differ in more than numerous ways, they are all an attempt to visualize existence in simple, easy to understand terms that can be communicated and shared with others along the same intellectual level. The same is true with my model of reality. It is far from truly complete, as I am still "young" in terms of how much there is to study along the lines of research I have chosen, but I have reached what I perceive to be an accurate model of the lower reaches of existence, according to the overall model that I am using. that of the Hebrew mystics and Jewish scholars. The Quabbalistic Tree of Life with it's ten spheres and 22 paths.


(pic of the Tree of Life)

Now, a proper overview of the Tree of Live has been the LIFE pursuit of many people, and the subject of hundreds of books. It is a topic that is entirely too massive to write about here, however I will be dealing with the bottom two spheres later. What I am going to give though, is my short overview on the purpose that I use the Tree of Life for. A model of the path that can be taken by a consciousness to return to the source. How someone might, through conscious choice, become aware of their consciousness, and raise it's level of operation to move through the successively higher levels of existence to not only experience, but return to, a union with the godhead. This is called the art or science of playing god, to borrow the term from Robert Anton Wilson. Now that you have an idea of what consciousness is, and how the multiverse theoretically works, I am going to show you how you are a creator in your own right, and how you may use those abilities, through this model of reality, to bend and shape reality around your will.

First off, you must have a deep understanding and connection with the concept of Belief and Knowledge. The procedures that will be following herein absolutely rely on the fat that you know, rather than believe what you will be experiencing. This may seem like a small matter to some, but I assure you, it makes all the difference. It will be the strength of your will that you shall be relying on here, and if you simply believe what I write, without experiencing it properly, then you will not be able to utilize the functions of reality that I am about to explain. It starts with an association that not many people ever make. For whatever reasons, most humans will rarely, if ever, try and actually equate themselves with god. I have, and I use this illustration to show how, by methods used, each person is a creator in their own right. I call it the Tree of Creation, and it all centers around energy.

(pic of the Tree of Creation)

In order to share this association with you, I will have to explain a few of the philosophical ideas that went into creating this concept. That of the Primal Spark, The Universal Thread, and the Aethers. Each of these are very simple observations that, once identified, give you an incredible range of abilities to begin experiencing, and eventually utilizing. You will recognize their potential more as we get further along. You see, people have been distancing themselves from god and removing themselves from the light that closeness allows. Hopefully, with these next few pages, I can help you return to that light, so that you may enjoy that closeness again. All it takes to start is a little bit of passion and burning desire. The Primal Spark.

Passion has been well documented throughout history in many forms and mediums. We see it in the smile of the Mona Lisa, hear it in the music of Pink Floyd, taste it in the foods of different cultures and smell it with every scented flower that we send to loved ones! It has helped create everything in the world hat has been deemed necessary, helpful or desirable. Passion is the reason behind everything. A spark of desire will lead armies into war as easily as it can lead to revolutions in the field of medical technology. All in all, it is this desire and its many forms that starts the creation of any and every thing. Thin about it. Without a need or want for something, would anyone ever put forth the effort needed to create it? Not likely, as there must always be a reason to begin. This is How creation begins. The only other point that needs to be made is Where creation begins. For the answer to this, you need look no further than your own head, and your imagination. This is what I call The Universal Thread of Connection.

I use the term "universal" because even if you were to fly clear across the galaxy, to some inhabited planet on the far reaches of existence, you would find, in any intelligent species, the blank slate of the imagination. Everything that has been created has started in the imagination. From stone tables and megalithic structures to automobiles and microchips, the imagination has always been the first tool used in their construction. it is a universal concept and prerequisite for the existence of intelligence. That is why I call it the Thread of Connection. Connected, through imagination, are the beginnings of every variable pattern of energy that has, can and ever will be perceived.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." (Albert Einstein, 1941)
"Imagination is what shapes the aethers." (Israel Regardie, ____)

It is this latter concept that allows us to look at the power and capabilities of the imagination as it is used by any consciousness, as it IS the imagination that shapes the aethers, or energy. Once this is noted, and put into practical use, through what others have termed "creative visualization," you can begin to get a feel for the idea of writing your reality as you go. Is the potential becoming clearer now? I'll take you just a bit further.

Picture this. A supreme consciousness that has developed over un-definable lengths of time reaches a point where the "power" of it's imagination is so great, that simply by the spark of passion and a split second visualization upon its imagination, you have in existence what was visualized. Down to the molecular structure. It is not such a hard concept to grasp. A consciousness with enough strength of will, and wisdom to create, in its entirety, that which was imagined. The god of the Jews created with words alone. The god of Tolkien mythology used song. All symbolic representations of the use of passion and imagination to shape energy. All this seems to be is a consciousness that can create with the raw frequencies of energy necessary to effect the interactions of several waves of energy into a perceivable pattern. Man can create new elements by combining atoms, thereby creating new atoms. So now the only thing that separates us from god is the creation of the particles that make up the atoms themselves, though that will most likely be achieved in the near future too! Man holds the ability to create life, and death, man holds the ability to shape energy according to his imagination, and can choose to do so according to his desire or need. So man, and his consciousness is likened to a god, only a much younger god. One that has yet to surpass its own limitations, but a god none the less. This is how we read the tree then.

By using Passion and Imagination

God and Man

Shape Energy

Into Matter and Objects

And through Time

Create in Existence

There are many interesting possibilities that hold to the ideals of conceptualism. In the early days of the evolution of consciousness, there were the optimists and the pessimists. Those who see the glass as half full and those who see the glass as half empty respectively. Soon though, people began to tire of lying to themselves about how things were. You see, the more expectations you have, the more disappointments there are. As people began to notice this, they gradually adjusted their point of view to include a more realistic outlook. Looking at things for what they really are limits the amount of disappointment, yet not the total suffering of the individual. What comes to mind here, is that we are the ones defining what suffering is. We define what is joyful or painful, and we do so through the experience of both.

“The pain in life is measured
By how happy you’ve been”

Without the experience of our greatest sorrows, we would have nothing to “rate” our greatest joys. However, again, we see that candle lit dinners and walks in the park are to some what being tied up and whipped are to others. These joys and sorrows are different for every person, yet all come through our definitions that we create through the experience of the moment. This leads to the idea of conceptualism. Nothing is anything but what you make it. With these abilities that consciousness has available to perceive, we are now able to begin defining our subjective reality according to our rules, and the ways we see fit to run our lives. This is opposed to the doctrines and teachings of others. Here is where the power of creation comes in.

With the ability that consciousness has to define its own likes and dislikes, and the power of perception to define reality, we come to find that reality is not as concrete as previously thought. On one end of the spectrum, it is ordered and at the same time, chaotic. On the other end, it is balanced and full at the same time it is empty and void of all things. Now we begin to look at society as more of a system of defining the concepts of the collective consciousness and tying them more closely together, rather than giving them the individual ability to define their own reality and become separate consciousness’. Now we see that these laws and rules are not as structured and unbreakable as we first thought. They are great guidelines to use, but until you begin to make your own guidelines and define your own rules, you will always be part of something greater. For some, this is perfectly fine, and they are happy spending their entire lives doing as they are told. For others, they cannot sit by and have their entire existence and reason for being defined for them. They must define it for themselves. When you realize that you are only recreating reality how you remember it from the past, you can begin to try and recreate it how you want it. Using passion and imagination to create the ideals and concepts that you wish to see, you can become that which people only thought they could follow. A creator, and a Master of Reality.

Throughout the evolution of humans and their consciousness, many different realities have been suggested. The Quabbalistic Tree of Life, the Enochian Aethers of the Angels, and the more familiar dimensions of Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. These have all attempted to represent reality through the observations and intuitions of those who designed them. Unfortunately, each of these models tend to rely solely on either conceptual thought or physical observation. Since you must have both in order for completion, I have used the model of Newton and Einstein, as a starting point, and continued on past where their measurements failed to go. They began with the concepts of dimensions that have been observed in the classical sense. Now for a little bit of conceptual observation and physical thought…if you will.

It begins with the normally accepted geometric concepts of measurement. Newton's model consisted of five dimensions to begin with. These are the measurements of Length, Width, Depth, then Space, then Time. After some time though, we came to realize, through Einstein’s concept of relativity, that space and time are essentially the same thing. When approaching the speed of light, and around super-gravitational fields, time and space both seem to "warp" or "curve" around the given points. This led physicists to redefine their model of dimensions to Length, Width, Depth, space-time, since the fourth dimension is now considered to be a "special time," or the "fabric" of space-time.

Now we have a beginning. After adding a "zero" dimension, for a point, as you need two points for a line, three points for a plane and four points for a polyhedron. It is the basic building block for the rest. It is also known as location. Using this along with Einstein’s theory that reality existed in 11 dimensions, with the 11th being Reality, I had this to work with.
0) Point
1) Line
2) Plane
3) Polyhedron
4) Space-time

Next I place these around a circle to account for the cyclic nature of existence. I was now at a standstill for the next step. I continually struggled with the eleven dimensions, and wondered why there was such a number, along with where one would go from space-time? This is where the difficulty begins, as our normal senses can only perceive on so many levels. As the progression of each of the first dimensions are created with the addition of an axis along a 90 degree angle, we have some sort of rule to follow. When we move from the third to the fourth however, we see that there is no logical addition of a right angle, that would produce Space-time. We have moved into an all encompassing concept that describes the forces that act upon these axies. So where do we go from there? What is the next logical step? I continued my search for many days, until I was listening to a Tool song on the radio. It has an introduction by Bill Hicks, who was a proponent for less involvement from the government while exercising ones individual mind and coming together in the name of evolution. He was quoted as saying:
"Today, young people are beginning to realize that matter is nothing but energy reduced to a slow vibration."

Now I had something to work with. Matter is energy and energy is matter. It helped bring about a realization about the structure of reality. I noticed how all the dimensions up to now had been conceptual ideas, and methods of measurement. Looking at "Matter-Energy," I noticed how one half was conceptual and the other half was physical. It was this transition from non-existence into existence, in one dimension. It was the dividing line between the objective and subjective. However, there is a small problem with my diagram. Where one half changes into the other doesn't correspond to where the opposite half should change. Being a Taoist, and taking influence from the dual nature of reality, I thought that the dimensions at the top should meet up evenly with those at the bottom, so I was not too sure of this model at this point. This was to change shortly while I was having a conversation with a friend.

We were speaking of divine creations, and how religions created by man were not perfect, as any divine thing should be. When he responded using the word flawed, I explained to him the nature of perfection. Perfect does not mean flawless. It means complete. Along these lines, perfection includes imperfection. It must in order to be complete. On this note, I thought of reality, and of how the end is also the beginning, the beginning is the end. Everything and nothing. Yin and Yang. It was this thought that led to the combination of the zero dimension and the tenth. Everything and nothing. It also lined up the dimensions neatly above and below, as "the least contains the greatest." Now, I also had a line dividing the conceptual from the physical. The symbol of the God. Together with the circle, or goddess symbol, I was coming to a more accurate picture of how reality, according to my research, was put together. Now I was left with this model, and again had to research the next step. The next logical progression. As with the last dimension, I had difficulty conceptualizing the next probable step and had to brainstorm a bit.

(pic of circle w/10 to Matter-Energy)

Reflecting back upon what I already had, I began to look for how these dimensions were progressing, for the rule that regulated their progression. What it seemed to be was increasingly complex levels of measurement, each incorporating all those before it. Each becoming all inclusive. Where is the next measurement made? How does everything combine into something new? I had ended up with matter so far. A rock. Now I began to systematically run any type of measurement through my mind that I could. I worked furiously through every different possibility that I could think of. Most, if not all came back as components of space-time. Age. Weight. Mass. Even movement was considered. Alas, all components of space-time. This continued to frustrate me until one day I decided to let it go for a while and ground myself by sitting under a tree in the park. Imagine the irony of this, when the answer suddenly came to me with a flash of insight. As I was looking at the various giant live oaks around me, I began to look at ways to measure them instead of the rock. How tall, how big, how many leaves or branches, how old…Age! Nope. Space-time again. Then it hit me. What does the tree have that the rock does not? Life! From a rock to a tree! So simple, and hidden in plain sight. I realized now, that I was no longer looking at the progression of measurements, but steps of evolution. We have gone from molecular crystalline structures to biological entities where some type of consciousness has directed DNA to construct a life form. The successive steps of evolution fell into place quickly after this, as I now had the rule to follow!

Starting with the rock, we see that it exists. Once we move on to life, we see an entity that is born, grows old, and can die. It was only logical to follow this train of thought to instinctual behavior. Now we move from the tree to the dog. A creature that is born, grows older, instinctually survives, and can die. Again, along these lines, we see the next step would amount to intellectual activity. From the dog, to the human. Now, we have a creature that is born, grows old, instinctually survives, can learn and intelligently manipulate it’s own environment, and can die. The next higher step is the spirit, or the soul. A life form that is born, grows older, instinctually survives, intelligently manipulates its environment and can question its own meaning and find reason for its own existence. All these combined brings us full circle to the tenth dimension. That of perception. Remember, you don’t live in reality, you live in existence. Reality is what you perceive. The cumulative result of all before and after it. The end and the beginning. The Alpha, and the Omega. Collectively known to many as a separate being in and of itself, which they give many names such as god, the source or a higher power, just to name a few. These are the Ten Dimensions of Reality, and these are all the components of what make up god, of which you are an intricate part! Now that you know how that works, you can look at reality for what it is. A veil of perception that disguises the truth of existence. A mirrored curtain.

The reality that we perceive as a collective these days is far from the truth of what reality is. Most of the definitions that we use are only in place because of the collectively accepted ideas and perceptions that are defined by society. This comes from the conditioned behaviors and structures of society’s need to be lazy and find the easiest way. This usually takes the form of letting other people define how you perceive reality. People may even choose to follow the will of god out of laziness and/or the fear of being placed into moral or ethical dilemmas, where they may find their feelings or opinions in conflict with what they have been taught are “God’s Laws,” and therefore are forced to think for themselves. This tends to pass on misconceptions from one person to the next, until the misconception, or falsely understood definition becomes the accepted definition. This can be seen in things such as the notion that fate and destiny are the same thing. The passive part of the mind is the subconscious, belief is based upon knowledge and good and evil mean right and wrong respectively. These are only a few of the many millions of misconceptions that persist in the general definition of the objective reality that we all share. It is these misconceptions that tend to create a veil or a curtain over our perceptions of reality. A mirrored curtain, which people do not even know that they are looking at.

The mirrored curtain of reality is actually the separation of these false interpretations from the truth of existence that we perceive as reality. On one hand, we have matter and on the other hand, we have energy. Both different states of each other, but on opposite ends of the spectrum. Matter is energy and energy is matter. Two opposite ends of the same whole. Both perceptions correct in existence, just one is opinion and the other fact. Look at the difference between light and pigment. Light is the color reflected off an object, while pigment is the actual color of the object. This means that when you look at anything, you are perceiving the light that has been reflected, not the actual color of the object. Remember the orange? You see the read and yellow light reflected off the object filtering out all the blue light. This only serves to reinforce the idea that while everything exists, none of it is true. It’s just a backwards representation of what really is. A mirror image. Is “Through the Looking Glass” starting to make more sense now? Let us go a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

Have you ever sat and stared at something so long that it begins to shake or shimmer? That is reality you are looking at. Not the change in brightness from the tiring of your eyes, but a shake or shimmer. All you can see though is this side, this version of reality. Many attempts have been and will be made to view across this barrier. It acts kind of like a two way mirror that you may see used in an interrogation room on television. Depending on which side of the mirror the light is on depends on which way you can see through the mirror. If the light in front of the mirror is brighter than behind the mirror, then it will lead to a reflection on the front of the mirror. If the light behind the mirror is brighter than in front of the mirror, then the mirror will appear as a translucent, semi-opaque pane of glass. This is a result of what I refer to as the “proper lighting conditions.” The same thing applies with the mirrored curtain of reality. From this side, you can clearly see only this side. If you pay attention to the proper lighting conditions though, you would be able to see through tot he other side at certain times. It is no wonder that most phenomena of the “supernatural” are seen at night or in dark places. This is when the light on the other side of the mirror was brighter and allowed you to see through a “window” to the other side of reality, to a higher plane. One more aspect of the mirrored curtain of reality. Remember, when you are looking in a mirror, you are not looking at yourself in the mirror. You are looking through the mirror at yourself from the other side! The only aspect to explain now is the curtain effect.

Matter and energy have inherent wavelengths and harmonic frequencies that they vibrate at. This has been observed by many physicists in the waveform nature of particles. Even concrete has a resonant frequency. Look at the old Tacoma-Narrows Bridge in Washington State. It would move and sway with moderately high winds, and was looked upon as an amusement attraction for a while. One day though, the wind reached 42 miles per hour. Does anyone else recognize the significance of that number? All of a sudden, the gentle roll and sway of the bridge became a violent sinusoidal wave of movement. Concrete spanning over a river below acting like paper in the wind. This was because of the harmonic resonance of the bridge. Everything has a resonant frequency, everything has a wavelength and everything continuously moves according to these values. They all vibrate with certain frequencies in relation to the ebb and flow of the cosmic tide. There is a breath of life, comparable to a cosmic heartbeat that creates this flow of energy. This is where we get the curtain aspect of reality. It is moveable and has a tendency to “blow in the wind.” It is also possible to move through this curtain to the other side of reality, to travel through the looking glass. Not surprisingly, this is usually done through the 9th dimension of reality, as it is a spiritual path. This can be accomplished through the use of certain techniques of ones consciousness. This path starts with the spirit, and moves through reality to the other side of the curtain. Here is where the rules change, and you can get the most practical use of this knowledge. Consciously bending and shaping reality around your will.

On this side of reality, we have physical existence. Matter, objects and material goods. While observing this, I noticed that reality, at the top, was the accepted and defined law for this side of reality, and that matter-energy, at the bottom, was the building block. Now that I had a rule and a building block, I could begin to observe how they interact, and therefore learn how to use them. Technically, we can do anything we want with matter, as long as we do not violate the laws of reality. In order to magically “conjure” a hundred dollar bill, we would have to think about this realistically. Materializing it out of thin air violates the laws of reality, so we would have to work around finding it on the ground or someone giving it to us. These are only a couple of the many different and realistic approaches to making this money appear. They are within the boundaries of reality and the rules collectively approved by a majority of the participants. This offers us no direct advantages, save those of creative visualization. Using the imagination to shape the energy. Now, once I develop a technique for crossing through the curtain of reality, we can definitely define some advantages.

Through physical and mental exercise, or the proper use of certain mind altering substances, one could cross through the mirrored curtain to where reality could be perceived how you want. Being on the “other” side of the mirror, I took the Ten Dimensions and flipped them. On this side of the curtain, we have the Kingdom, or physical existence. On the other side of the curtain, we have the foundation, where energy takes shape before being pulled into existence. For those with the proper wisdom and abilities though, this “other” side is a higher plane of existence. Here we see, through the inversion of the Ten Dimensions, matter and reality have switched places Pay close attention to this next part. On this “other” side of reality, the law at the top is Matter-Energy, while the building block becomes reality. Now, we are able to do anything we want with reality as long as we don’t violate the laws of matter-energy. The advantages of this are great indeed. A reasonably strong will has power over reality here. You can live for a thousand years simply because you really want to. You could potentially materialize a hundred dollar bill out of thin air, and even rise into the air to fly away! All of these could be done, because they do not violate the laws of matter-energy. This is where one studies to attain a higher consciousness, and where their path must go, as we must eventually forsake the flesh in order to rise above. Once we reached a certain point in the lessons though, we could realistically gain the ability to step into and out of a body at will. Again, this is done through spiritual means, and would bring you back through the curtain to our side of reality. Now man can develop his abilities, and act as a creator, a god in his own right. Just don’t forget that even gods must learn, grow and evolve.

With these abilities at your disposal now, you must learn how to use them most effectively, as well as responsibly. The slightest error in your intents could end in devastatingly disastrous results. About this time, I would recommend doing a little soul searching, and formulate your own set of rules, standards or code of conduct. This will get you familiar with some different aspects of “common courtesy” as well as the social limits applied to you by your peers. While you need not use these as your definitions, per se, you could definitely benefit from not fighting against them at this point. If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it is that when you fight yourself, only you can loose. That and the misuse or abuse of these abilities can lead to the wrong effects happening on an all to frequent basis. Imagine people who always want this or that. Now imagine that they gain the ability to get anything that they want. Then, without knowing, they over develop it and it turns into getting everything that you ask for. Everything! This is where the old adage comes from. Be careful what you ask for, ‘cuz sometimes you might get it, for Karma is a bitch, and won’t let you forget it!

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