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10 - Energy and Magic

Magic is not how some people perceive it. The majority of people in this world do not even acknowledge the existence of magic. Science is today's god, as it seems to have all the answers. That is in part true. It has many of the answers for questions that start with "HOW", but very few definite answers for the infinite number of "WHY" questions. Those, by virtue of the human mind, which has been given the power of free will, are left up to the individual person and their beliefs, or faith. However, as science continues to fail to answer new questions, their usefulness will be questioned and ultimately discarded. The same thing with religion. Faith in religions around the world have begun to wane greatly with the advent and study of science and politics, however the biggest reason is that now we can explain most of the miracles seen today, and no longer see those miracles that we cannot explain yet people want so much. Religions are now being exposed for what they have become. Systematic organizations of thought bent on controlling the masses through use of fear. They may have started intent on saving the soul, but as money got involved, and science brought on a materialism that we have never seen before, the usual happened. Corruption. A preacher even told me when I was a practicing Christian, that I would go to Hell if I did not pay my tithe (10% of your income before taxes.) I got up and left right there. It is all to clear today that money and power have corrupted the most "holy," and I use that term loosely, of people. Also the fact that most of the major faiths of today have been created by man and therefore are not flawless as any actual Divine thing should be. Being of human origins also forces them wide open to being disproved by other human concepts. Science in reality has killed God with its almost endless explanations. Life is no longer looked at as the miracle it is, but just another biological process. No one cares how the person gains their will, personality etc., only how they may soon be able to change it. As I said before, interest and knowledge in and of magic has began to resurface. Not to be created, but to reappear. You see, magic a.k.a. "The Old Ways" etc. was around long before any kind of Christian God, Jesus, Noah, or for that matter even before the oldest of the Eastern Philosophies. That is because magic is energy manipulation, and energy is part of the universe, part of the creation of God, part of the natural selection and evolution of Darwin and most importantly, part of you. Yes you. Let me explain. Magic is not a gift of blood, a birthright, an acquired art or for that matter, simply limited to man or his mind. No, magic is anything and everything. Using magic however IS a gift, acquired art or taught to you. There are certain Fundamentals of working with energy that you must know before you can start to use it. That is my purpose here. Not to teach you magic, but to give the foundations of magic and a few useful tips on how to use it. The reason that I will not be able to teach you is because everyone must find his or her own ways in life. With that said, let us begin. 

The fundamentals of magic are actually quite simple. It starts with a basic knowledge of what is going on with magic. Again, if you know how something works, you can control it. With that, the accepted definition of magic. Using free will to manipulate energy to create the desired effect. Technically speaking, picking up a glass is magic. You use free will; manipulate the energies in both your brain and arm to pick up the glass, which was the desired effect. Se how simple it can be? It is just so commonplace that people take it for granted. What needs to be done is you need to first familiarize yourself with the energy itself, as this is what makes magic work. Here, I detail a few exercises that can be done to help you not only recognize, but also become familiar with energy. 

#1- Personal Power/Energy 

Sit down and close your eyes. Clear your mind of all thoughts except for what I am suggesting to do. Place your hands facing each other and slowly move them back and forth, coming close to, but never touching them together. Continue doing this until you can feel your hands close together. Not until you know that they are close together, but until you can feel your energies come in contact with each other. These energies are sometimes refereed to as the Aura. It can surround your body from a few inches to a few feet out. You might feel the attraction or repulsion as you would with a couple of magnets depending on how one of them was turned. Continue doing this until you can begin to do it at any time day or night without thinking of it. You are training your brain to respond to your own "power." Once you can do it with your hands, then try it with your hands and feet, or head etc. until you can perform this simple detection at any point on your body. Now you have become more receptive to the energies that all our bodies give off. We will take that knowledge and continue on. 

Now that you have become more in tune with your own energies, you can begin to attune yourself to the energies around you. About this time, you should start to keep a journal of all your experiments and findings, as they will change from time to time according to the mood you are in, the time of day, the phase of the moon etc. Record everything that you feel is important in this journal, and keep it close to you at all times. Also, either make or buy some clothing or simple garments to use while performing this and other training sessions. Do not wear these for anything else but your magic because it will help infuse the garments and any jewelry you choose to ware with your energies. These types of things can help your chances of success because it helps "amplify" your energies for lack of a better term.

#2- Natural Energies 

As I said before, energy is in everything. It is in plants, wind, stones, furniture and food. Each energy signature has different qualities or vibrations that can be used to identify them. These are what we will be using here. It goes along with a concept out of the Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice. That of "vampire sight." A small example is to go somewhere with a rich, full, thriving lawn. If you have one on your property, great. If not, I would suggest a local park. One whose gardener/landscaper is paid well. The point is to find a bed of grass full of life. Once you find this, then you can begin the next exercise.

Sit in the center of this lawn, to the best of your ability. You should sit however you are most comfortable. Now, you are going to do the same thing you did in the first exercise, only with the grass. Move your hands up and down slowly until you are able to identify the energies of the grass. Now continue working with this lawn until you are able to identify its energy. While doing this, you should notice a marked change in the visual appearance of the grass. While you are concentrating and "resonating" with its frequencies, its colors should become incredibly rich and details extremely sharp. You should be able to see and feel each blade of grass waving back and forth in a gentle breeze. Once you gain experience with the grass, move on to things like houseplants, pets, even your furniture. If it is matter, then it has a frequency of energy. Once you are able to perceive different forms of energy and differentiate them with ease, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

#3- More Complex Energies 

This is yet another detection exercise to be performed until you have considerable experience with it. This exercise takes a profound leap from the "static" and les complex energies that you have been working with. Now that you are familiar with energy as a whole, you can move on to more complicated sources. These tend to be things like people and weather. These energies tend to be so complicated because of their constant change and fluctuations. Here is where your journal entries will become the most important, as you will be experiencing tons of different vibrations of energy, along with an increase in the feelings you are having yourself. This is where you must be very confident in your ability to turn you "energy feelers" on or off at will. This is to keep you from becoming overly empathic, and feeling the pains and joys of everyone else all at once, on top of your own! Trust me; it is not something that you want to loose control of. In addition, you should practice, at least at first, with willing partners, as you do not quite know whether you will be simply feeling their energy, or actually taking it from them. The latter should be avoided until you have more of a handle on your abilities, as it can be harmful to the person the energy is being drawn from. Soon though, you should be able to give and take energy with ease, along with identifying people's emotions, moods and other "personal" feelings. You can then move on to something still pretty local, but with a larger range. Weather systems. Listen to the light, see the wind, feel all the different states of weather. Here, you are not only working on your experience of the "intangible" energies, but also on your range, as you have been working within your own personal space since the beginning.

Just a side note on the giving and taking of energy. Taking energy without consent is seriously looked down upon in the magic community. It is referred to as a "psychic attack". Draining a persons energy can be a dramatic ordeal, ranging from listlessness or fatigue to full blown panic attacks and even more in the extreme. Sharing energy however, can be an entirely pleasurable experience, and even lead to many beneficial effects such as healing. Now healing might involve giving or taking energy, depending on what needs to be done, or how you "know" how to do it. Just remember as a rule of thumb, to give energy if necessary, especially if you take some.

Now that you have this to work with, I would recommend spending several months, if not more, working with this scale of energy. The next scale can be everything from magnificently massive, to dangerous vacuums and sensory overloads all combined into one. More about that later though. For now, familiarize yourself with any energy that you can. The more that you learn, the easier it will be to begin applying these techniques in life.

#4- Higher Powers/Energies

This is the most complex and indeed possibly dangerous part of these exercises. They can be attempted at any point, though I would not recommend it. You can loose your mind, and not be able to find it in these exercises. The safe point here, is that unless you possess an excellent and focused ability that has been trained over years, you will not be able to put yourself into a position where such can occur. Aside from the safety issue, this is also where the most beauty occurs and the potential for "oneness" occurs. Here is where you can experience the Dance of Siva, or reunite with the source. To become One, at least for a moment.

To begin with, we must increase your range. This can be difficult at first, as you may find that your energy dissipates with the increase of its range. You must continue though this as a weightlifter would continue into muscle failure. Only with a significantly increased range can you begin to venture outside of your personal space, and outside your immediate local, into much larger energies. These can include higher powers, multiple higher spheres of influence and even higher planes of existence. This is the point where your journal might begin telling you a story. It is one that you should listen to, trust me!

Practical uses here allow for the detection and identification of energies of other astral bodies, such as spirits, demons, angels and gods, fairies, sprites and gremlins. You can also tune into the planets and possibly the stars, to begin to interpret their influences on your perceptions. You might also find yourself slipping or falling into parallel or higher planes of existence, astral traveling, and even continuing on "upward" through consecutive spheres of existence towards the godhead. This last, of course, is attributed to the ancient system of Hebrew mysticism known as the Qabbalah, and the Ten Spheres of the Tree of Life.

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