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04 - Conscious Evolution

"Quit wasting time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself!"
-Marcus Aurelius, "Meditations"

These days we have too many egos getting in the way of progress. No matter how many great ideas and concepts are created, developed or discussed, there is always someone who wants more recognition, credit or acknowledgement. Someone who wants to have and hold power over others. They spend inordinate amounts of time trying to convince others of their value, and in some cases, their "right" to hold position over others. Many, not all, of these people try incessantly to build up their own images with words rather than accomplishments. This leads to a psychological condition known as being self-righteous. In most instances of self-righteousness, we see the sheer arrogance of an individual to assume that their opinions and decisions should be valued above all others, because they deem themselves "righteous." This is, however, most often seen in their own eyes, rather than the collective views of their circles.

Here then, we see the need to be able to identify and recognize the accomplishments of those individuals who do not constantly "talk," but get up and "do." Individuals who are not afraid to get their feet wet, or shed a little blood, sweat and tears. These individuals are more interested in the effect of their accomplishments in their circles, rather than their presence in them. The odd thing here is that the self-righteous are often too caught up in themselves to realize that if they would put forth a little effort, their presence within their circles would grow commandingly.

It is my intent then, to create this House for the purposes of acknowledging the accomplishments of individuals rather than to sit back and continue being a part of the stasis and stagnation that has infected our society. I am dedicated to growth and progression, as the only way to evolve is to learn and change with the integration of each of our experiences in life. Only with knowledge and experience do we develop wisdom to help lead ourselves into the future. In order to do so effectively though, we must understand that we can not limit ourselves in any way, shape or fashion. The moment we begin to look at our gifts and abilities as detrimental "conditions," is the moment that we stop progressing and begin to stagnate and waste away. We have the potential of time in front of us, and personally I think that there is too much beauty and love in the world that I have not seen yet. We must rise from the stagnation of our society, with renewed life, and rejuvenated youth.

We are here upon the verge of a new consciousness. The next step in evolution. Waiting at our fingertips are all the tools and tricks of our minds. Working together as one collective, we can network the energies around us. Parts of god we have always been. Together we will work our magic and our miracles to better the world for ourselves, as well as for each other. The anti-Christ is not coming. We are already here. We will not sit idly by for much longer. Our time has come to make a difference in the world. One where everyone knows how to listen o their own heart and make their own decisions without moral and social stigmas. The creator gave us all the keys we need to open every door in our lives. People are still going to Sunday school to try and pick the lock. You are the only one qualified to be the minister of your life. Not even God has the authority to tell you what to do. He gave that up when he gave you free will. No one knows what lies ahead, and by presupposing such, we waste our time on petty games to try to save our souls. We have no time to waste on games. We have no time to waste on those who will interfere with our goals. We have no time to argue our points with those who will not listen. Our time is our time, for us to use as we see fit to build each other up rather than tear each other down. The time has come for us to make a difference in the world. One for the better, where each person knows how to make their own decisions based upon the facts of the matters at hand, not the opinions of those long dead. We shall rise from the ashes, as the Phoenix, with everlasting life, to continue on forever.

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