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06 - The Evolution of Consciousness

Consciousness, just like any other type of intelligence, must grow in order to evolve. Without growing or evolving, its place in the natural order of consciousness would become obsolete, or it would be surpassed by a more “fit” consciousness. It is the natural struggle that any type of life form goes through. If a consciousness is useless, or too weak to hold itself together, its energy is dispersed throughout the field of energy surrounding it. It is then recreated with random pieces of consciousness, at the collective level, into another single consciousness, to begin its journey of evolution again. Here I will describe what path the evolution of the mind will take. I use as a model, Timothy Leary’s Eight Circuits of the Brain as described by Robert Anton Wilson. 

When you are born, a blissful innocence exists. Untouched by humanity, not even ignorance exists. Uncoordinated and un-jaded, an infant is the example of the first stage or “circuit” of the evolution of a person’s consciousness. Leary calls this the bio-survival circuit. This “imprints” our behavior for the rest of our lives with our sense of trust or suspicion. It helps us decide if we want to approach or avoid situations in our lives. This is where we learn what criteria we use to judge whether or not something is either “nurturing-helpful” or “noxious-dangerous” and causes us to react, and either approach or flee. 

You can see how the parts of the mind are arranged here. They are connected, but as of yet, do not know quite how to work together. These stages can be seen as a way to measure the amount of experience one has, as the longer you work with them, the longer the line in between gets. In the stage of infancy, there is little to no experience, so the connection is minimal. As consciousness continues to grow however, it begins to broaden its scope of experience and the line between the two lengthens. 

The next stage at this point, according to the good doctor, is the “Emotional Circuit.” This is the point in life where a person’s emotions and the beginning of their personality begin to develop. This is a crucial stage in the development of the “human consciousness.” Many outside factors affect the personality and it’s development into a “dominant-aggressive” behavior or a “submissive- cooperative” behavior. Here is where most of the damage is invariably done to the emotional stability of human individuals, and the way that people treat you at this stage can not be willfully defended. (SOMEONE) once said, “People will treat you however you let them.” When you are at this impressionable phase in your life, the seeds are sown, by either abuse/neglect or compassion and caring, to grow into what myriad of psychological complexities that we see in the world today. Therapists, contrary to popular belief, are not intended to solve problems for us as much as they are to teach us how to work through our problems and learn from them. They are supposed to teach you how and when to decide to be dominant or submissive as per the necessities of their goals. This includes how you react with and handle your emotions; whether or not you let them control you or you control them. An improper balance of these can lead to inferiority complexes as well as superiority complexes. All have dramatic effects on ones life for the rest of their life. Once this emotional development is in place, it is one of the hardest things to change, and only a continuous determined assault against its structure will result in any type of modification. In the early stages of life, after this development has occurred, one moves on to the next stage of growth.

Beginning with the third circuit and above, you can see that the line dividing the two parts of the mind has begun to take shape. In this third circuit of “dexterity-symbolism,” we begin to develop our skills along with our methods of communication. Our conscious and subconscious begin to define themselves apart from each other as we begin to identify the difference between our imagination and observation. This usually begins to develop through the behavioral conditioning or training that society begins to impart on the individual. This comes most directly from our schooling, as the first years are designed to modify ones behavior to fit the accepted moral and social standards of the surrounding society. In pre-school, for example, children are often rewarded for “proper” behavior and punished for “improper” acts. Teachers give the children stars or special privileges to reward them and take them away to punish them. Some schools as well as parents even resort to inflicting pain through corporeal punishment to encourage the child to fit in to the “right” group. This is all done through the use of fear, in one way or another. How they react determines whether or not they are ready to move on to the next grade or stage of social conditioning. This is where the social identity is first introduced. The only problem comes from the fact that it is the only identity sanctioned by society, and if it is not handled properly, can be the only identity present in a person through the next and usually last stage of growth for the human consciousness. 

In the next stage, the “social-sexual” circuit, many new social patterns are introduced. In the lower grades of our education, we are introduced to academic achievement and peer pressure. In these early years, the social identity is left to handle the development, as a self-identity is usually never introduced until many years later. Academic achievement at this point tends to have a negative impact on the peer status of the student. This comes with the level of intelligence that they have available to them at this point. Being able to read or write or articulate better than others tends to make them feel “stupid” or less meaningful, which we all know hurts. Some are cut so deep that they turn into viscous mean children and degrade the “nerds” or the “brains.” This is the first point that we can see a separation occur that is defined by the members of the society in which they belong. The social or “in” crowd and the geeks or “out” crowd. Those in the social crowd tend to follow the heard incredibly close, as per their need to fit in or belong to something. Those who are left out either spend the rest of their lives trying too hard to fit in, or they begin to develop their own self-identity. This turns into an eternal struggle between being who you think everyone else wants you to be, or who you want to be. Never is that struggle so exemplified as it is in middle school through high school. 

Once parts of the next tier of the educational system, several new societies are added. Athletic achievement, student government, clubs and electives. All are part of the machine used to refine a person’s identity, be it social or self. They create one of the greatest needs to find one’s own niche and fit in. All of a sudden, clothing, personality, maturity, social climate, athletic abilities, extra curricular activities as well as background and upbringing all play a factor in each person’s search for belonging. On a more intellectual level now, we try to find ways to follow the group that we identify wit the most. Fads, trends, fashions, music. All different ways to express and mold ourselves into someone else. This can continue on through college and career, all lending different self or socially defined rules to follow. 

Up to this point though, there has been an unspoken society that has had little effect on people. Once adolescence sets in though, we find new hormonal rules to follow, as our sexual identities begin to rear their ugly heads. This new sexual presence is often misinterpreted and acts much more like a drug to most than an act of procreation. Some use and/or require a social identity to find sex, while others use and/or require a self-identity. Oftentimes, depending on the people, this can lead to a “cross pollination” of many different aspects of society, as lust and love will make people do crazy things. Most continue on like this, in a state of arrested development, for the rest of their lives. Others tend to wake up into their own realities, and pursue their own identity or reality. This is the halfway point in my evolutionary ladder. Most will not progress beyond this point in their lives due to limitations imposed by society and self. This tends to create a very simple minded, single dimension of life, as denoted by the line between the two parts of the mind. Just a length and location. No width, and most importantly, no depth, no meaning. Some truly see that there is further to progress and willfully choose not to, some are blinded by society’s stigmas and morals and are convinced that there is only so far that human development can go, and a select few make a conscious decision to proceed further for the purpose of developing themselves as well as their consciousness. The latter is the only way to continue on up the evolutionary ladder, as you must proceed past the human social developmental limitations into an “uncharted” territory. 

As you can see from the diagram, the line is now beginning to turn opposite directions and is forming the curves of the yin and yang at either end, the proposed destination for a single consciousness. If one is able to proceed further than this fourth circuit, they begin to have the strength of will necessary to identify their consciousness apart from the collective. The rest of the circuits however are only accessible to advanced mental and physical control of the consciousness. For those who do not have the discipline or are in a hurry, there exist substances that can stimulate reactions from each of the circuits. For the first four, they are pretty simple: 

1-Bio-Survival : Opiates 
2-Emotional : Alcohol 
3-Dexterity-Symbolism : Stimulants (Speed, Cocaine, and Caffeine…) 
4-Social-Sexual : No specific substance yet exists, but sex will do. 

Most of these substances are regarded by society as improper or illegal for various reasons. Usually it has to do with people and their inability to handle them responsibly or maturely. Many times, people are so weak minded that these substances usually end up controlling the person, rather than the person controlling the substance. For those who are able to handle their drug use responsibly, and as many realize, these as well as other drugs or experiences can be used properly as tools and can further the development of their consciousness. 

The fifth circuit, stimulated by pot, is known as the neuro-somatic circuit. This is where the linear left brain transcends to the analogical right brain. As anyone who has smoked pot knows, this is where a change takes place within the space surrounding anyone’s perceptions. Our visual space becomes more of a sensory space. More non-linear thoughts occur and add to ones philosophical understanding and capacity. Here is where questions of “why” are studied and figured out. As most students of philosophy know, there are definite answers to all the “how” questions, but ambiguous, multiple answers to the “why” questions. The generalized rules make less and less sense in a reality that is now being defined by circumstance, which makes the rigid shape of reality seem more and more pliable. This can place one into many conflicts of interest between the established law, set forth to protect the masses, and the balance of good and evil, meant to protect the self. Reality is nothing but a set of definitions that we perceive, and by altering our consciousness, we can change the way reality works. “Reality in these days is not reality in itself, but the system in which that reality is perceived. The rules that are given are very valuable for the system in which they are used. Outside that system, they are worthless.” (Planes_Crosser,http://www.bolt.com) Now that we begin to realize this, we start to search for what we like to call peace of mind, or some type of inner peace. A rapture of sorts. A time or place where pain disappears. This along with the use of other recreational substances lead to the next phase in our conscious evolution. 

The next circuit, the neuro-electric circuit, is centered on self-awareness. Not only of yourself in this reality or consciousness, but all the realities of your consciousness. This circuit of the brain makes one realize that their reality map, however it has been drawn, is only one possibility out of infinite probable experiences. “The characteristics of the neuro-electric circuit are high velocity, multiple choice, relativity and the fission-fusion of all perceptions into parallel science-fiction universes of alternate possibilities. In short, everything is. Not everything is possible, but everything is, and it is left up to you to decide which reality you want to be conscious in. Here, one begins to see that you can find all the pieces of the puzzle, and that the resulting picture is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. Now our experience begins to fall into place in much larger pieces. Each person is now playing with larger puzzle pieces, and that leads to rapid increases in skills and talents, whether or not they are physical or mental. Now your awareness begins to grow by exponential leaps and bounds, requiring less time times to advance. One part of this awareness is the transcendence of the third circuit based speech. The Universal Translator. This is ones ability to sense the communication via energy waves rather than the primal sound waves necessary to transmit sound. This gives people the ability to speak with spirits, talk to animals and communicate with many other types of consciousness or energy. 

Once you reach this point, you are released from many of the linear limitations that the mind can impose upon itself. You become aware that the lower circuits can be reprogrammed at your will. This is known to some as metaprogramming. The knowledge that you are programming your own programming. These types of experiences can be induced with psychedelics like LSD and mescaline. LSD therapy is still used today in certain parts of the world to reprogram instincts and behaviors that were imprinted upon our consciousness at one time or another. They can also be achieved with tediously strenuous mental and physical disciplines like the energy exorcises that I outline later. Once this state is achieved and somewhat mastered, the next step can be taken where this curved dimension of experience begins to reach back in on itself. The beginning of mastery! 

The seventh circuit is called neuro-genetic. This happens “when the nervous system begins to receive signals from within the individual neuron.” This sounds more complex than it really is. Simply put, this is where one becomes aware of the information stored within the genetic code. The “genetic archives.” Ever heard of a sci-fi term called a “race memory?” This is where each individual member of a race contains the complete memory of all those before it. All the memories that are stored in one individual are collectively combined with the next, so that it has the ability to trace back, through it’s genetic code, to the dawn of life. People who experience this circuit can recall past lives and experience feelings of reincarnation. Look at the Dali Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. When he dies, the next Dali Lama is chosen according to strict requirements, which include the identification of his own belongings from the previous life. This follows that the Dali Lama is a position based upon the reincarnation of his soul, or consciousness. It also reinforces ideas of immortality, whether it is on a physical level or a consciousness level. We can have visions of past and future evolutions during out-of-body experiences and a general detachment from the physical realities that we define for ourselves. This serves to give us a small taste of the next step in the evolution of consciousness, and to prepare us for conscious immortality.“Today when we speak of immortality and of going to another world, we no longer mean these in a theological or metaphysical sense. People are now traveling to other world. People are now striving for immortality. Transcendence is no longer a metaphysical concept. It has become reality.” (F.M. Esfandiary, Upwingers) This circuit can be stimulated by LSD and large amounts of either peyote or psilocybin. This is because of their tendency to open up most of the functions of the brain. Most, that is, except for the last circuit and complete mastery of ones consciousness. 

In the master stage of consciousness, the intricate balance of the mind is not only well defined, but inversely equal to each other. Both sides are complete and the experiences collected build with the knowledge collected to form wisdom. Perfect wisdom that is. It all comes together in the eighth circuit of the brain. 

According to Timothy Leary, the “neuro-atomic” circuit is the farthest that human consciousness has ventured. This is where we can ascend, or leave our physical bodies. People can stimulate this circuit with disassociative drugs such as Ketamine and Salvia Divinorum. These substances remove your sensation from your perception, and if used in enough quantity, completely detach you from reality. You become released from the physical and defined world into a “lucid dream” where your consciousness writes the rules. At this point, the speed of light barrier can be transcended as we are able to travel with the speed of thought. Here we see, experience and find that our consciousness, and all consciousness “IS the entire cosmic “brain,” just as the micro miniaturized DNA helix IS the local brain guiding planetary evolution.” All of a sudden, we have new needs to continuously increase our intelligence and our consciousness to control not only our environment, but our reality. This erupts in new and amazing possibilities for the future of each individual consciousness. In the beginning, we are only undefined pieces of the collective consciousness, and in the end, our minds and our consciousness have evolved out of the “primordial soup” into a singularly aware consciousness that is truly a master of their own reality. 

The trick here is to constantly push and exorcise the mind. As new connections are made in the mind, it grows. The more connections that are made, the faster the mind will grow, as you are always playing with progressively larger pieces of the puzzle. This leads to the big picture at more of an exponential rate. The more you know, the faster you will be able to learn more, and the more you will realize that you do not know. You must be able to use this properly though. From birth, through liberation from the flesh, to the art of playing god, to becoming part of god, consciousness must continuously grow and evolve in strength. That comes down to consciously choosing to evolve as well as handle the responsibility that comes with that evolution. Forbidden knowledge is, after all, only forbidden because people do not know how to use it properly. They get caught up in dogmas and stigmas of society and self and try to settle with either right or wrong rather than balancing out the good and evil. Maturity and wisdom are the keys here. Knowing how to properly handle the responsibility that you choose is the only rule to follow while pursuing each individual’s path of conscious evolution. All you need now is an accurate model of what how consciousness relates to your reality as well as the collective reality of the multiverse.

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