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08 - Consciousness in the Multiverse

In an objective and subjective multiverse, every decision that you make creates it's opposite decisions in a parallel existence where each branch creates an infinite web of vibrating energy that sings the song of existence that is perceived as reality. You do not live in reality. Reality lives in you. While your body lives in existence, it is what you perceive that becomes your reality. All you are is a pocket of consciousness, floating around and perceiving the world. It is your consciousness that defines how you interpret your observations and creates your perceptions. Alive, in itself, in each variation of existence, your consciousness is split into an infinite number of parts growing exponentially and filling the void. All parts of the same singular consciousness that was born out of the primal collective consciousness.

Consciousness, in the beginning, was pure, primal and inexperienced. However, pure as it was, it did not have the wisdom or the strength of will to keep itself singular, so it began to split. As time went on and as more people were being born, the primal collective consciousness gradually became contaminated with the experiences of each individual who shared a part of it in life. You see, as each person develops and grows in life, there are a few things that may happen. The consciousness may lack the wisdom and strength of will to retain it's own identity, and will dissipate into the surrounding field of consciousness energy; the consciousness may have enough wisdom but lack the strength to retain its identity, and therefore may incorporate some of the previously dissipated consciousness'; or the consciousness may have enough wisdom and strength of will to retain its own identity, and remain singular through several progressive incarnations. In any case, the reserves of the primal collective become further dwindled and contaminated. Each person being born now is receiving less consciousness than previous generations. What consciousness they do receive is simply a compilation or a mix of those consciousnesses that have returned to the field. This can be seen as one reason for the diluted gene pools, as well as the diminished levels of intelligence that are running rampant in the world today. There just is not enough experienced and conditioned consciousness to go around. Those that posses the strength and wisdom to remain self identified are usually reborn to continue down what road it is that they have chosen. These are the people who "shine," as I like to call it. These consciousness' have had enough experience, gathered enough knowledge, and developed enough strength of will to remain singular and self identified, even beyond death. This lends itself to the concept of reincarnation of the soul, and to that of the immortality of consciousness. So how does one gain this knowledge, experience and strength necessary for conscious immortality? Well, it comes in steps, kind of like the lessons planned in a curriculum. First of, you must have the strength to make the choice to become aware of yourself and your consciousness, and accept the responsibilities that come with such decision.

Becoming aware of ones self and their own consciousness is not something that can be taught, given or shown to anyone. It can only be experienced through the conscious choice of the individual once they realize that they must identify themselves apart from the collective. A genius can possess all the potential of the most advanced intellect in the world, but until they choose it make use of it, until they find their motivation to do something with it, it will remain useless and locked away. One danger of this is that just as with any muscles of the body, if this intellect is not used regularly, it can atrophy, or become diminished over time. Children with super human calculation skills, if left undeveloped, will sometimes loose their abilities as they grow older and stop using them. Now while this choice cannot be made for anyone, guidance can be given as to a direction of growth. It usually ends up being a normal part of anyone growing up, and marks, for many, their full emergence into adulthood. This does not necessarily mean that they are adults yet, merely that they are no longer dependent children. As we all know, this can be around age 7 for a child prodigy, and not until after 40 for other people. Now that we have become aware of our consciousness, we can begin the journey toward the next and most difficult step. Becoming aware of yourself and your consciousness in the multiverse.

Imagine your consciousness as a shape. Once you become aware of yourself apart from the collective, then this shape begins to turn into a circle, as it becomes more finely tuned and well rounded. Now, imagine that this circle represents the entirety of your consciousness, while in each variation of existence; your consciousness is then represented as a "slice" of this circle. As each objective observation and/or subjective decision is made, your consciousness splits again, to allow for the newly entangled states. You can see how complex and infinitely large your consciousness could potentially be now, right? Every time you choose left over right, another variation is produced, and continues down its own path, along the same time scale. You must, at this point, become aware of yourself and your consciousness in each of these variations of existence. This is the difficult part, as the concept is of a nature above our third (4th/5th) dimensional perception capabilities. This is where most people loose track of their potential, or in most cases, simply do not understand that such an "option" even exists. Where are these parallel dimensions, these multiple existences? The answer: In your head! Remember the association of the conscious and subconscious as entangled states? Remember the Uncertainty Principle when applied to entangled states? Ah, yes, that faster than light method of communication. The common denominator that lies in each variation of existence. Your consciousness! Once you realize that you, not a part of you, but a whole you exists in each of these variations of existence, and you are able to fully experience and understand that revelation, will you be able to begin using this to your advantage. Imagine now that each of those “slices” or “shards” of consciousness become full circles of consciousness themselves, and begin to divide. You can see, once again, the sheer magnitude of this entangled consciousness when you apply exponential growth to it. Now, as I said before, this must be experienced by each individual, otherwise it is meaningless, and you can not properly use the following bits of information. Once you become aware of yourself in the multiverse, however, you can move on to a much easier concept to handle. This is the knowledge part. I am going to use a metaphor for knowledge here, and represent it as a puzzle. Let us start out by putting together a puzzle.

Imagine this time, a child’s puzzle of six pieces. Relatively easy to finish, no? Now let us look at a 5000 piece puzzle. A bit more complicated, no? Well, let us look at how we would approach putting this puzzle together. After identifying the borders of the puzzle, (the scope of the concept), we begin to identify similar pieces based upon the content of the picture. Once we find all the pieces that make up a specific group based on color for instance, we have a complete picture of that color, yet we also see that it is simply a small piece to a much larger puzzle, say a flowerbed. Now we go through and identify all the different colors and use those pieces to create the larger pieces, which in turn fit together to make the flowerbed. As each level is transcended, you begin to play with larger and larger pieces, leading to a finished puzzle at more of an exponential rate. Now apply this to learning. As you begin learning about something, you are working with small pieces of information as the pieces of the puzzle. Then, as you begin grasping the concepts, you move on to the more complicated concepts, which are like the larger pieces of the puzzle, being larger amounts of information. As you realize the “big picture” in each instance, you realize that it is only a smaller piece of a much larger puzzle. This is what leads to the exponential rate of learning of each individual consciousness. Now, apply this exponential rate of learning to the infinite versions of yourself throughout the multiverse and imagine what kind of things could be accomplished. Just how much could be learned by the singular consciousness if infinite different versions of itself were all learning exponentially? The only thing you need to do now is plan ahead, so that each variation is aware of every other variation, or rather that a singular consciousness is becoming a vast depository for all this knowledge. If you can keep yourself in communication with this singular consciousness, sometimes referred to as the higher self, then you should also have access to these vast stores of information and knowledge! This is truly the gift of knowledge, and it can now be put to use in helping a consciousness gain the wisdom to remain self-identified. Just imagine what would be possible if the infinite variations were all working toward a common goal?

Now that we have this “roadmap” to reincarnation and/or immortality of the consciousness, we must look at the bigger picture yet again. It is the combinations of all these pieces of consciousness that create such a myriad of different people, physically as well as consciously. It seems that the consciousness holds the blueprint for DNA, and through the activation of different genes, dictates the instructions for building each body. It is interesting to note here, that allowing for mutations, the DNA of all humans is 99% exactly the same. It is whether or not certain genes are turned on or off that dictate our physical makeup. This leads to the question of whom or what dictates the makeup of the consciousness. Does each individual hold the key to their own consciousness, or must they earn it from a “higher power?”

According to the Tree of Life, the ancient Hebrew model of the path to return to the source, existence as we know it, in the physical world, is only the bottom rung on the ladder. It is known as Malkuth, or the Kingdom. There are nine more spheres, or planes of existence that must be transcended in order for one to be able to return to the source. Each of these “higher planes” have their own rules, laws and methods dictated by their position and cosmic relationships that they have with each other. Here, in the Kingdom, we have many governments and societies that define what laws and rules we must follow. It seems only fair to assume then, that on nine plus “higher planes,” there just might be some sort of a society or hierarchy that defines what rules or laws that those below must follow. It seems to me then, that what happens to our consciousness after each death can be predetermined by the singular consciousness, or “higher self,” or the primal collective that we are attempting to break away from. This can be especially apparent if you look at life here as a class. Unless you pass the test at the end of the class, you can not move on to the next class, but must repeat the class. It follows then, that our free will has developed for us to choose how we reach any specific destination. As you make the choices that advance you along your path, you move in and out of several of the probable possibilities that exist as part of this infinite web of vibrating energy. These can be roads or paths that you have been down before, with the exception of the methods used in reaching those points, along with the time frame.

Keeping this in mind, some will come to the point where they will either settle on the one destiny for themselves, or they will accept a destiny that they believe to have been chosen for them. They will then continue on toward that goal which for them will accomplish that specific destiny. This is not to say that a single being, “god” for lack of a better term, sits on his throne deciding who does what, where and when. It is more like the collective consciousness that decides what part your consciousness could, would or should play best. You see, in certain situations and philosophies, one piece of this collective consciousness has the potential of developing enough self identity and strength of will to be able to act as a single consciousness in itself. Of course the makeup of this consciousness could just be a random anomaly that was combined at a certain astrological time, which determines its makeup. Ones consciousness, after all, seems to be some type of combination of pieces from that first primal collective that has been placed together, with or without an order. Each of these pieces at one time or another, probably existed as intelligent pieces of another consciousness, and gained their own bits and pieces of personality, knowledge, experience etc. This, in my opinion, can lead to multiple people in the present time claiming to be incarnations of people from the past, as they all possibly contain one part of that former consciousness. One part of the total intelligence out there. This is where one begins their journey to break away from the many to become one. 

“You must transcend the duality to be come one.”(Magicians companion)

Once one starts down this path, they must go through many trials and tests in order to prove themselves, to others as well as themselves. This can and usually does lead to several problems which can hinder ones progress, and influence things like self-confidence, motivation and arrogance to name a few. All of these can have beneficial/desirable effects as well as disastrous/undesirable effects at the same time. You could potentially bite off more than you could chew, which could set you back, or you might not organize your priorities right, which can lead to many losses. Unfortunately these days, you must know when to, or not to play the game, otherwise the timetable of the journey begins to loom far off into the future. At times, it seems as if time itself either can not or will not move fast enough to accomplish what must be done at any specific moment. This can become a person’s worst enemy, and lead down many wrong paths. Patience, as many philosophers know, becomes an intimate factor in your success, as you must earn the respect of those you place above you, as well as have them earn your respect. This is seldom done with any simplicity, as the qualities necessary to earn such respect are not based upon simple decisions because of a “quote” you heard in a book one time, but on deeply imbued standards and virtues from within your consciousness as well as your heart and soul. You must fight through many complexities and many difficulties to unite all of the pieces of your consciousness into one perfectly well oiled balance of completion. Remember the “parallel existences?” The other pieces of your consciousness? Eventually you must work with and through these alternate incarnations of your consciousness to build yourself into the best and most capable being that you possibly can.

In each variation or possibility of the choices that you make, a new existence “stems” out into a new branch of energy to become a whole other universe, or parallel existence. Each of these universes exists at the same time, as they are both present day, however the differing decisions made in the past result in different outcomes. In either outcome, a conscious human being with different memories stemming from different existences was created out of the same consciousness. In each of these though, he was still part of one singular consciousness. The potential here is to work in combination with these other parts of your consciousness for the purposes that you define for yourself. A great example of what possible effects that this could have is the Jet Li movie, The One. A person becomes aware of the multiple existence of their own consciousness, and seeks to unite it all in one single body. This could lead to the increase of knowledge, based upon the knowledge that each one accumulated, augmented strength and a myriad of other possibilities and paradoxes. It could even come to ones attention that in order to move through each of these “incarnations” of yourself, you would simply have to decide which consciousness you wanted to be conscious in! Can one reach the point where they can step into and out of any or all of their incarnations at will? Can you be completely conscious, that is conscious in all incarnations at once, therefore becoming one? This leads down a road of many choices, and many paths, all with the destination of being a Master of Consciousness.

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